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Quick Start Guide

Hi ,

Welcome to the Advertising Coaching Club! Start here with the video and then read on…

NOTE:  You can edit PSD files with this FREE NEW online version of Photoshop.

Benefits of Membership to take Advantage of:

  • You get done-for-you graphic design once each month.   We put in your logo and company contact info on one of the templates.  Plus you can customize the offer.
  • You get the lowest cost quality printing you can get anywhere.  Prices as low as 3 cents per postcards. Members are saving $50, $100, and some over $300 per month off their regular printing.
  • Postcards and newsletters can be mailed for you!  We also get you discounted postage for as little as 28 cents per piece.
  • You get coaching from John Braun and his staff in how to do EDDM, postcards and improve your advertising.  John will even critique your website, Internet marketing plan, and any ad you write during group webinars.
  • You get a website created and hosted for you FREE after three months of membership or have our text, email, and schedule software set-up for you FREE.

Here’s a Marketing Plan That Works:

If you’re on a really low budget, see the Low Budget Marketing Plan.

1.  Send something in the mail to your current clients every month or at least every other month. Each month in the Coaching Club, you get either a newsletter, postcard, or newsletter/postcard to mail to your current clients.

Click here to get some initial postcards you can mail to your clients.

What do you do if you’re just getting started and you have no clients?

If you have at least a dozen clients, send out a newsletter. But if you’re just getting started, you may also want to mail a neighborhood mailer. I recommend you mail to specific high-end neighborhoods near your shop or any area you want to target. Call this neighborhood “Your neighborhood.” It’s yours. Claim it.

You’ll also see several neighborhood mailings throughout the ad club pages. They’ll typically be labeled “EDDM”, “Neighborhood” or “Direct Mail.”  Check into the EDDM to target neighborhood by clicking here.

2.  Market your service like CRAZY on the internet. Why? It’s the best return you can currently get for your advertising dollar.

Get the NEW Google Dominator Course Here to rank your site on the top.

 3.  Referral Program.  My good friend Howard Partridge created a referral program that works well.  Offer all your clients a 10% referral reward.  Any time a client refers you to someone who uses your service, the referring client gets a certificate for 10% of the total job.  This Referral Certificate is good toward future services or redeemable for cash.  Some are motivated by cash, some are motivated because they want to refer you.  You are rewarding both types of people.  Use this Referral Postcard to send clients to advertise your referral program.

 4.  Neighborhood Advertising Campaigns.  If you still need new clients after doing the above three methods, market to the best neighborhoods in town.  Use Every Door Direct Mail, bulk mail, and first class mail, and door-hanger flyers as deemed necessary.  The Every Door Direct Mail is kicking butt right now because hardly any other cleaners are using it.  Again, the mail pieces MUST have a solid sales message and offer.  By the way, long form sales copy does work better than image advertising if the advertisement is written to keep the prospect’s interest.

Every Door Direct Mail mail pieces

Click Here for an Intro Guide to Use EDDM

Postcards to targeted neighborhoods

 5.  Test out and use other ad media. And then if you STILL need new clients, explore the options of radio, TV, outdoor billboards, etc.  But let me caution you:  These media only work in some occasions in the right type of campaign.  They are back up media and should only be used after the other options above are being used properly.

Consider trying these:

Salesletters to neighborhoods and clients

Brochures to give to clients and prospects

Newspaper ads (still works in small and medium-sized cities)

Commercial Advertising tactics

Get Your FREE Website Set Up- Here’s How…

As an Ad Club member, you get a FREE website set up and hosted for you.  You can get the FREE website instead of the software set up as a FREE bonus.  This is available to you 3 MONTHS after joining (available at the start of your 4th month).  Click here for details on getting your FREE website.


About the Files in the member section…

You can either request a FREE graphic design once per month in the tab at the top called FREE Graphic Design or you can use the Software we have to Design it Yourself.

Graphic Design Done For You!

Yes, once each month you can get us to do your graphic design for any of the ads in the coaching member site.  Click here to make your graphic design request.

Or you can edit the graphics yourself, with the software Right Here.

How to Edit the PSD Graphics Yourself

Click Here for the self-editing PSD software.



Some of the files come in Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, or Microsoft Publisher. But some come in Adobe Photoshop. The Photoshop files are called PSD. In order to access them, you’ll need either Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or Gimp.

***About the PSD files***

For the absolute best looking postcard, I highly suggest Photoshop Elements. This is the easiest and best way to get a quality final postcard. However, Publisher can work somewhat decently if you are printing on your own computer.

You can either get Photoshop Elements trial at or purchase it for around $80-100 at Best Buy, Sam’s Club, or other places that sell software.

You can also download this version of Gimp which allows editing of PSD files.

Or, here’s a FREE version to be used online of Photoshop.  It should do what you need it to do.  Click Here to Use the Online Version.

Remember, we can do the graphic design for you.

***About Publisher files***

I don’t recommend Publisher.  It doesn’t handle graphics file well and limits what you can do.  Also, printers don’t accept Publisher files and you can’t export Publisher into a really high-resolution image.  Ideally, I recommend Photoshop Elements or the FREE Photoshop online above.

Some More Bonuses…

Also, remember to thoroughly look over the Bonus Reports, 4 Newsletters and Extras on the BONUSES page.  Here you’ll find a lot of stuff to give you killer advertising ideas like your 9 headline templates, How to Make Money with Adwords, Killer List of Offers, The Best Website Ranking report, and my 93 Page Employee Manual.

Ad Critiques, Questions or Comments

The best place to ask questions or get critiques is during one of the group training webinars.  This way I can show instead of telling you how to improve your ad or your website.

If you have a question that you don’t want to be made public, contact our support page at

You can ask any question or email me any ad to review. Please limit your questions to ONE at a time. The ads I review will typically be reviewed on a group webinar unless you specifically state otherwise.  When I return your email, you may ask another question. Typically, I will return your email within 48 hours unless I am out of town.

44 thoughts on “Getting Started”

  1. Is there going to be a spring postcard posted soon? Please put in publisher.

  2. There’s a new May postcard in the postcard section. The Publisher version will be up in the next couple of days.

  3. Wow this is like a marketing Disneyland. so glad I signed up.
    I literally own all the programs sold by John … everyone… but this takes the cake.
    A lot of pressure is off me now. Time to implement.
    Thank you for this membership site, it is a dream come true to know that I don’t have to figure everything out all by myself anymore, with such little time left at the end of everyday.

  4. 🙂 Thanks for the comment Rafael. I may have to twist your arm to use that as a testimonial…lol

  5. How do I set up a site like the one?? I really love the warranty card!!

  6. Search for the warranty card on this member sure in the search function.

    We can do the design on your existing sure to get this added. Or if you need a new site we can do that too. Must email me our dan

  7. Just checking back in…
    I noticed my testimonial went thru…

    When I left that post my computer froze up on me,
    I didnt think it went thru…
    I’m glad it did, I meant every word.
    you have my full permision to use my testimonial how ever you like for as long as you wish…

  8. Hi John
    Could you recommend a software program to run a carpet cleaning business? I know there are programs like quick books . Do you have anything better?
    Thanks John…..looking forward to your reply ……Colin

  9. I just joined the club, I need to get started, I know that after the second month I can have a web-site design for me, can I have it done now if a pre-pay the second month?
    I am also little bit confuse how to get started, I already got the info on the routs for the EDDM, I want to use one of your pieces already made. How do I send you my company’s information?

  10. Not able to review all info. from above at this time today – How can I return to go through material at later time ? ADVISE….Thanks..



  11. When you log back in to the club site, just click the Quick Start Guide tab at the menu above.

  12. Hello John, I know you have put out training on facebook adds but I can’t find it. Could you direct me as I want to do some facebook advertising and had it all but set up the other day and then got to the part where you choose how to be charged and there were 4 options, I was dazed and confused, no clue as to what to choose so backed out till I could get more info., can you help?
    Thanks, Brian.

  13. I have a 2nd carpet cleaning company, do I need to sign up again to be able to all of this with that company?

  14. Ryan, as long as it’s a company that you own, it’s fine to use this material for both companies.

  15. Hi why do I need to put my credit card details in again for the commercial marketing material as I thought that it was part of the package when joined hitman

  16. Please go ahead with 2016 postcards for the new year. I look forward to sending them out and seeing how many customers go…’oh yeah, I meant to call him !’ Thanks.

  17. Great Kenneth, You’ll need to fill out a graphic design at the tab in the menu above. I see that your order is already placed and is on it’s way.

  18. It won’t charge you anything if you’re a current ad club member. The system requires it and it’s the easiest way for you to gain access to the package. Unfortunately, there’s not much I can do.


  20. Hi, I was listening to a podcast that John did on rug cleaning on truck mount forum, he said he could send what he uses as a disclaimer form for deodorizing rugs. Can you please send me a copy?
    Thank you,

  21. Hi this is Ron Conway.
    Thank you, you have lots of great ideas.


  22. Hi John! I’m a long time member but I have not taken advantage of the free website. Can I still have this set up even though it has been much longer then the 2 months?

  23. Hey John! I emailed my domain name and logo to you already to set up and host my free website . Did you receive it?

  24. Yes. Theresa said you mentioned to her that you wanted me to write the content for your site. I was waiting on details for writing the site. You can just email it directly to me.

  25. This is awesome already! What a resources galore. Without doing anything i feel i have the tools to be successful. I’m grateful to be part of this amazing club where Ad for my business is a peace of cake.

  26. Hello, we now have been members for over 3 months now and would like for you to build us a wordpress website now. Can you please let me know asap

  27. Hi John,

    I had recently signed up for hitman advertising and I am having difficulties on where to start to market just a rug company. The business I work for is a janitorial company, but they made a separate branch for rugs like oriental, Persian etc. Our Client list for Janitorial Company is big but only about 5 or so rug list clientele and I am really stuck where to start or what market plan to use. Thank you!


  28. Good Afternoon John My name is Michael Terry. I have a question about the switching of the graphics. Could you please do a video showing us how to change the graphics our selves this is the main reason I purchased your course but I’m unable to change the graphic and would like to know how to do so on my own? I think this would make the course more valuable in my eyes .

  29. Yes! We have videos here on the getting started page. Go here

    You just scroll down to the How to edit PSD photoshop graphics yourself.

    Also, if you ever have any questions at all, the best thing to do is to ask them during one of the group webinar meetings and then I can show you the answer on my computer screen.

  30. Hi John, you made some door hangers for me a few years back. How do i go about getting some more printed and shipped?

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